Out of luck

Contrary to our title, today finally marks the first post for this blog. I am reviewing a story from fictionpress which you might have already heard about. Surprise, suprise, it’s d’Neronique “Out of Luck”, a 10-chaptered gayish gay story about Alec who lives his life through games by living under the pretense that he’s a straight guy whenever he meets with a gay-gay stranger to get any sorts of sexual pleasure.

The first chapter was pretty much a narration of his technique, a method proven to be effective by his catch. Yes. A wonderful blowjob from a gay dude who later on became an important factor in the story’s plot line.

So, you see, the thing about Alec Malloc is that he’s a completely uncommitted guy. He dates, but it’s for sex. He’s your average no-strings-attach gay who leaves you once he gets what he wants. This being pardoned with his very effective excuse – his straightness. Or, so I won’t offend homosexuals… his “heterosexualness”. Because my bisexual professor told me that gays were never ‘bent’ so their counterpart shouldn’t even be called straight. That’s social construct for you.That aside, may I note that he dates girls, too, to keep his straight front and to continuously meet with this similarly homosexual hottie named Terry?

So what’s the deal?

Why can’t Alec just date Terry when they’re both gays and they’re best of friends and they both knew (not really totally in Terry’s point of view) that they both want each other?

Well, it’s because Alec wants domination. To be the seme. To be on top. To be powerful. So he plays his games for three-painful-years waiting for this hot guy to yield to his prowess. Teasing him every now and then, giving him hints that he’s less straight than what’s he trying to portray and, yeah, you get the picture. It’s a push-and-pull scenario.

!But Terry didn’t move further. Alec’s game continued. And so Dennis became the plot mover. The guy who gave Alec a blowjob during his little demonstration on how he gets his gay catch. Since Alec is attempting his best to keep his heterosexual image in front of Terry, under no circumstance should Terry find out about the former guy’s temporal flings on streets. So when it is Dennis who became Terry’s new boyfriend, everything became chaotic. Dennis wants revenge, and he also wants Alec to fuck him, and Terry, as it happens, already had this inkling feeling that his best friend is gay. And oh, did I say that he have to confirm everything by smelling his own boyfriend who just had sex with his very own Alec?

So yes, that’s pretty much it.

You read it to find out what the rest of the story tells. Though, personally, I think that’s just it.

What it has: Humor? Check. Threesome? Check. Hot sex? Definitely.

What the author has: Good command in language (descriptive and witty). Good sense of humor. Good articulation and diction. Very.

What I like about it: What it has.

What I don’t like about it: Well, I won’t say I hate it, but it just lacks something. I can’t even put a name on it. It’s funny, yes. But it didn’t just give the angst I was looking for. If you’re asking, yes, it’s put under said genre. I was expecting that it will give me this painful clench, but, when I was almost getting there, the author cut it.

It probably would have been more effective if it was dealt with less sex and more with story. I won’t say it doesn’t have any, but, really, just every bit of the protagonist’s action just has to do with sex. He dated because he wanted sex, he pretended to be straight because he wanted sex, he panicked because his best friend’s boyfriend gave him a blowjob before and now wants to have sex with him and he got his heart broken after realizing that he was used (I’m still on the process of understanding this) during sex. Even his emotional moments were dealt with his favorite activity.


Say it with me.


In fact, I think that the story was actually probably formed because Alec was so sexual. You can see it even in the narration. Things just had to be related to something physical. Is he hot? Is his eyes green enough? How does his green eyes affect me as Alec?

And could I just add that the ending was painful not because it really was but because the main character, who I thought was on his journey towards finally opening himself to being openly gay and stop his role play, reverted to his old ways? I mean, Alec himself told his readers that his game had not yet ended. Even if Terry has his boyfriend and even if Terry, the only person who’s possibly capable of terminating Alec’s shits, had already rejected him.

It all boils down to one thing. Alec wants to be on top. Literally. During sex. He won’t stop, so he’ll assume that Terry agrees to his assumed deal that, someday, he’ll make the mentioned hot guy his and pound him senseless. When that time comes, he’ll dominate. It’s egotistical.

It’s so…not my type.

I don’t even like the author’s references about girls. But, hey, I won’t make a big deal out of that because I read a gay fiction. Not a story that will promote feminism.

Maybe a 6 or 7 for this one. Grammar’s not the issue. The author’s use of language and even his syntax were perfectly fine. It made me smile, but this isn’t really my cup of tea. You decide if you wanna go for it.


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