Before I hit the bucket

Part I – Questions and Skepticism

Do you believe in fortunetellers?

This is a very random (not-so-random) thought that occurred to me as I ponder on the least emotional manner I could use to explain you how depressed I was when I saw my grades this semester. I haven’t seen them all since not all professors would pass their students’ grades to the department at the same time but you get what I mean. It hasn’t been very good.

So I did the first thing that I know would make me happy. Like some people who would drown themselves in alcohol to forget life’s troubles, I have this habit of swamping myself in the act of reading whenever I feel sad. I submerge myself into the deep abyss of articles (that weren’t even very good grammar-wise) about gay people. I love reading about homosexual love because heterosexual relationship tires me. Reading about them, I mean. 

Yes, this is my life.

Anyway, after a bunch of articles and a couple more videos, I was led to this particular website where they give accounts of these two gay men (not sure about their sexual orientation but who cares) that I really love. The compiled stories showed how much these fans were dedicated to this couple. I was a fan, too (and still am), but I haven’t gone to that extent yetI’m not yet on the stage where I would go to a fortuneteller, pay my money to read the future that isn’t even mine, so as to know if my most favorite couple would end up with a happy ever after. It was a ridiculous waste of money that I told myself I wouldn’t even try.

What got me, however, was the fact that they went to various fortunetellers, FT as they abbreviate it. The funny thing was…the different FTs predicted almost the same thing. There were slight glitches every now and then but the general idea was similar.

I don’t usually believe in these kinds of things. I do believe that there is a great plan for me but never did I think that someone could read the blueprint of life. He has to have some kind of power that an average human being wouldn’t have. I don’t believe in magic or sorcery or whatever they call it…hence, my disbelief in FTs.

It was really fun. I like fangirling over men whether they’re straight or not so it wasn’t a problem perusing over the tediously long pages. However, as time passes, I got so engrossed that I almost totally forgot that I was reading a fan blog. I was reading a fan blog that contains an FT narrative. You could say double-whammy because both are, more often than not, notoriously tagged as unreliable. The former can get strayed by his or her emotion and the latter is relying on the ‘supernatural’.

I don’t know if the accounts were just made up. Nevertheless, given the premise that they actually went through the efforts of comparing the opinions of different FTs and achieved such good and convincing results, I began to contemplate if predicting the future is really plausible.

Have you ever wondered about it?

I’m curious, like always, but there’s this skeptical part of me that says it’s all psychology. I have a friend who had her future predicted. The FT said she would have a lot of money in the future because she is the type of person who is determined to focus on her career. I was thinking that, since my friend heard a positive prophesy, she’s more likely to do her best to realize it and inevitably make the FT credible.

What I’m trying to say is what might have been done wasn’t prediction rather manipulation (no offense to FTs). I’ve watched it too in some dramas. While the typical way to do it is through observation (the way Sherlock Holmes would hypothesize through his genius technique called ‘science of deduction’) some FTs would go as far as researching about the lives of their customers.

Yes, they are totally fishy in my eyes.

It could’ve been that the FTs that these fans approached were able to get wind of the famous gay couple (since they’re celebrities).

Anyway, what totally convinced me this time (that they might be somehow trustworthy) was the fact that there was an instance where this particular fan only showed the image of one of the man’s hand for palm reading. No face. Just the hand to read. It came as a total surprise that the FT still predicted it right. Well not right because the future hasn’t happened yet but, relative to the other FT forecasts regarding the couple, yes, FT-san was able to nail it.

So what’s my point in writing this? Earlier, I said that I won’t waste my money on such trivial stuff, but, as the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat. Before I get killed, I have to prove whether this is true or not. I will go to a fortuneteller and have their (the issued gay couple’s) futures predicted. Then I’ll compare it with other fans’ results. I’ll make sure to find an old FT, too, given that they are famous among teenagers and young adults.


Definitely. Before I hit the bucket. This coming December, I’ll find it out for myself and update you if the blueprint of life is indeed readable.

Love me. Hate me. XOXO


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