I’m on a quest

…to finally work out my future and grasp in my hands the destined fate that I just feel in my veins that I have with my one true love.

But may I add as I am in the process of writing this that he is an insurmountable mission that even my mother, who has always believed in me, concedes to the fact that maybe this time it’s just impossible?

What do you actually do when you like a guy and the guy doesn’t return the feelings because he doesn’t even know you exist?

Well, I’m telling you now what to do.

Start your quest. Your quest is only based on one premise: success. You cannot lose heart. Even if your mother doesn’t support it, you will have to do something about your pursuit because you think that this guy is it.

So what’s your mission?

It’s very simple. You just have to make yourself exist. How? You are going to introduce yourself. I don’t mean smiling. I don’t mean waving a hand. I don’t mean giving him a nod. I mean saying your name and creating yourself a space inside his memory (if possible, say your name twice. Do it if you can do it without sounding weird.)

As for me, I am going to start my quest with a letter and an offer because I seriously need a big attention step. He’s a celebrity so I may need to use more than ‘Hello, my name is Bea’ to achieve my first goal.

My offer is simple: let’s get married. Of course he won’t take that seriously and he may even freak out after reading that but worry not as my primary goal is just to introduce myself. I am certainly hopeful that that will do the trick. I’ll leave a strong impression. Not so good but as they say, any kind of publicity is good publicity.

Remember: his popularity is directly proportional to the extremity of your measures.

Don’t get me wrong about the offer. I’m not so stupid just as to leave it like that. I am going to justify why I wrote that. I am going to do so in a way that his attention will lead him to notice more my interest in getting to know him better. If you can, mention his ‘buzzwords.’ For example, if the person you like loves reading books, try to insert that in your letter. Don’t sound so fanatical alright? Like…”I also love Shakespeare omg omg I CAN’T EVEN.’ Because you have to sound normal through the rest of your letter provided that you’ve already appeared so crazy by the first half of your introduction. Be subtle.

Number 2. Making your name alone is not going to work because names can be forgotten. SO you make yourself permanent. (I’m not on this step yet so you can say that the succeeding notes will merely be assumptions that my imaginative mind created for me.)

How do you make yourself permanent? You just have to make yourself visible. Okay, I can see that this plan may not work because he’ll just feel creeped out further but…believe me. You’ll see. Just do it continuously. You don’t have to force him to interact with you. But maybe you can say ‘hi!’ If he responds positively, then I’m sure you wrote your letter well.

Now, make sure that the positive response does not go to waste. The next step is to pull him closer. Become friends with him. I’m sure that even if you have already confessed, he isn’t going to magically return your feelings because, let’s face it, he doesn’t even know you. By settling for less than love, you’ll get to know what he really is and you’ll get to ascertain your feelings if it will work.

On another note, if he does not respond at all…move on to your next guy. Remember Mother Theresa’s quote, ‘The opposite of love is indifference.’

If he says no, don’t give up! Keep chasing the pavements. Because I strongly believe that miracles could happen.

Number 3. Suddenly, make yourself invisible. You make yourself invisible so as to know where your chances lie. If, in God’s grace, he suddenly felt that something was lost the moment you disappeared, you are on your way to your success, my friend. You have imprinted yourself in his heart and even if he doesn’t know it, you own him. All you have to do is a little more pushing and he’ll be off the cliff. Falling for you.

This will be easy if your guy easily surrenders, but, if not, then pray a little harder. That’s all I can advice.

Now, if it’s taking too long and you just want to move on, refer to my post on unrequited love. Remember, you will only feel that there is a need to move on if there exist no hope anymore.

Number 4. When God lets your wishes come true, congratulations! You are now sure that the girl who doesn’t exist is the only thing that exists in his world.




So there goes my 5am ramblings of nothing. I seriously have to deal with my obsession because it’s kinda getting out of control. AND I seriously need some sleep. AND I seriously sound drunk. I am not drunk.

I just posted this because I browsed for the topic ‘what do I do if a guy I like doesn’t like me back because he doesn’t even know I exist?’ and found no satisfying answer. I was so upset when I saw a post that wrote that I must not chase boys. It’s the boys’ job to make it happen.

And I can understand because the author was writing from a Christian’s point of view.

But I believe that girls can’t remain passive forever. How can he make us happen if he doesn’t even consider putting my name on the equation of ‘you and I’? I’ll do my part and I’m sure that if it’s in God’s will, He will make it happen. Kotoko didn’t wait for Naoki and I learned my lesson from her. Oh yes, from an anime character.

Love me. Hate me. XOXO


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