Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl

Okay. Let’s type this thing while it’s fresh.



I’ve just finished the book. I usually wait for another day before I write my feelings to sound a little more rational but I’m doing it right now because I’ve been wanting to write just anything.

This book is not really my cup of tea. I reached page 50 (even 100) and I’m still bored and I’m still trying to figure out what really is the point other than to describe a fanfic writer’s life. More than the story, I’d say that what kept me going was its relatability (if such word exists and I’m sure it doesn’t). The beautiful thing about this though is that it makes me remember why I like to write. Why I write. What fanfics do to me and why it became the open window that allowed my entry to the world of writing. Hence, I was totally raring to open a blank MS word the moment I reached 300 or was that page 200? Hence, this post.

But the story isn’t really just my type of story. There’s the pace. And probably because I’ve been so used to living like that. Hiding inside my room. Writing slash or about my mother. Draining my energy when I talk with strangers and thinking that people who go to parties are cool but weird at the same time because that’s not my world. Fighting with my sister. Maybe because I wanted to see something other than what I do.

While I was reading the book, there were a lot of times when I would go “YES SOO TRUE!!!11!” but there were also a lot of times when I would want to turn to my web browser and just be distracted because I just don’t feel like reading it. It didn’t grip me the way I expected it would.


After reading three books of Rainbow Rowell, I definitely could attest that she tends to create obsessive and kind-of-creepy-characters.

Start with Eleanor and Park. It came to a point when Park became so…what do you call it? Attached? Attracted? Immersed in the idea of Eleanor’s hand that I’ve come to accept the fact that maybe he’d just have sex with her hand. I liked Park, alright. !But

And then there’s Cath now. To be brutally honest, I thought she’d have sex with her boyfriend’s eyebrows and chin. And hair.



Like it’s really crazy.

Or maybe I just don’t quite get the idea of being in love~ but…you get what I mean, right?

Attachments is a little more modulated but, then again, their eye-to-eye/physical interaction only happened during the last few chapters. Still the idea of the guy reading the girls’ emails is just as bizarre.

But yup. I read Rowell despite the iffy feelings.




Well, I finally got that out of my system.


Levi and Cath. I can’t say much about Levi other than the fact he’s the perfect boyfriend !Not perfect in the gary stu sense, mind you. I think he even has dyslexia.

He does, yes?

After reading about him, you’d definitely say to yourself – if you’re a born fangirl who writes FFs – that you’d want just a guy like him. You’d want a guy who wants to listen to your fanfictions. You’d want a guy who listens to your obsessions even if it involves a gay magician and a gay vampire. I’d love to have a boyfriend who’ll say his opinion on Morinaga and Souichi’s relationship. Give me all 9 volumes of KSB for my Christmas present and all that.

Just. I could fangirl about Levi all day. Actually, even if you scrap the part where he’d read my fanfiction or buy me BL mangas, the fact that this guy is willing to listen to anything I’ll say makes him perfect. Men should learn from this fictional character.

Cath is Cath. She’s a writer and you know what writers are. I don’t really see myself in her (because I don’t get 10k story hits goodness. And she has a boyfriend to boot. And I also go out of my dorm sometimes) but I do relate in the things that’s happened to her. How she felt pressured by the reviews she’s getting. Writer’s block. Etcetera etcetera. Even the way she thinks. Even the things she’s willing to give up on. Like her mother. I love my mother. But her mother ugh.

I was so glad she didn’t give up on writing and university though. I’d hate her if she did that.





Told you I need one day to gather my thoughts.

To sum it up, though.

3 stars because I like it ;D relatable but not my cup of tea. Just like Ao Haru Ride.

Signing off nao!



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