it’s all about the money money money

yeah! sing it with me!


If I could change the lyrics of price tag, I definitely will after finishing C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control. I really liked it. Not like-like but you get what I mean. I like it enough to write about it instead of vomiting my feelings on Twitter that can never handle my long, incoherent, un-punctuated sentences.

So. The thing that I really like about this anime is its premise:





Have you ever watched an anime that talks about money? I never have! And this time I did. And you know that it’s my most favorite thing in the world apart from lala~love which is pretty much lost on me now.

Back to the topic at hand, this anime proposes that there is a hidden world called finance district where a person is allowed to exchange his future for money. You will always ever wonder what happens to the people who’ll go bankrupt. You will always ever wonder if the future is important enough to be exhausted for a few cents of today. And you will always ever wonder what the Bank of Midas does with all the futures they get (this one’s not really answered in the anime -sadly- but it’s one of the interesting points that I think is raised in the course of the series.) It’s a thought-provoking game that I, myself, will be willing to play if ever it exists. Just to figure things out. And duh. Because money?

The mystery kept me going. The pull of reflection kept me going.

I’ll write a few of my notes here so as not to forget them. These are some of the messages from MOSP that I found so real and intelligent.

  • Money is just money when you have few to spare

5-11-2014 4-52-11 AM

— but when you can give mountains, you’ll have power.

  • Money builds connections and connections come with power. Power comes with control.


  • Money isn’t so evil when you spend it on somebody.

I personally won’t do that. Because I’m selfish.

Oh. And surprise? What does the anime say to people with this kind of attitude?

  • Money can devour you with greed and take away your future.

meh cliche.

  • On another point though, the main character didn’t  really care much about his future to begin with. That’s why he isn’t so obsessed with money (to a lot of people, money is future. Money is life).

5-11-2014 4-54-47 AM

The protagonist’s lack of drive was his very salvation which made it much more intriguing. Paradoxical. Very.

  • Money’s power is built on people’s trust on it.

5-11-2014 5-13-06 AM

  • Present exists for the future but what importance does the future hold if we don’t have today?

This conflict is just so good that I canNOT CAN AGAIN. Like it’s so cleverly made that the protagonist will lose whichever option he takes. Can you just feel the excitement I got with that?

Seriously, watch it.

It’s so philosophical. I actually want to watch Detective Conan prior this one because I want to think. After all, I’m bumming my life here inside our house because I’ve yet to find a job and it’s so boring out here without just…anything, you know? And I got what I wanted.

The only problem here is that this anime forces you to think but it doesn’t give you the ample time you need to process things over. The pace is just totally off. It ruins everything. I love it, alright? But you’ve got to stare more at the rare masterpiece to appreciate further its beauty. It didn’t give me that. One moment everything is peaceful and then another second passes and then I’m just like what? Oh the world is probably ending.

I’m not that smart and if you’re going to give me these profound shits, you’ve got to help me with a little more episodes. haha

Contrary to what other people think/feel, I actually like the ending. Though abrupt, the bitterness amidst that good life and promising future in the eyes of the main character just pierced me through my heart. YOU KNOW like it’s a happy ending but you just feel it in your veins that it’s fake.

5-11-2014 4-59-39 AM

It’s just that…it could’ve been improved. The execution for Pete’s sake /sigh

Another thing. The pace also ruins the characters. I haven’t even been able to remember their names! Or is my memory just that bad? I mean with all those fighting scenes, you’ll definitely feel overwhelmed and you’ll wish you have more time to get more acquainted with them. I rarely like female depictions in Japanese anime/manga but I really liked the main character’s asset so It’s too bad that everything is rushed. Could’ve worked with 25 episodes…probably.

Ah, and this is just a matter of preference but it would’ve made much more impact to me if it’s more twined with reality than supernatural. The fighting scenes and assets are forgivable. I actually like them. Just…I appreciated the suicide thing in the earlier episodes already! It’s logical. It makes sense. Then suddenly — what? People missing? Pregnant women turning barren? That’s just off. The anime reflected on reality but the instruments used to pore over it pulled away from the very subject. That didn’t suit me.

Anyway. 8/10

10/10 for the premise actually but I’m deducting points because I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride. Woooohhh so fast. Can’t even figure out how on earth the main character got that good at fighting off those professional dealers.



That’s it! Signing off nao because you know me.



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