To all the boys I’ve loved before


Let me tell you honestly, I was ready to give this book 1 or 2 stars up until I read the last three chapters. 

Because really. This novel is cliche as it can get. It’s just about a girl who’s trying to save face from her crush, and the popular boy who agrees to be her pretend boyfriend because he has his own issues and he can benefit from the whole ordeal. Predictably, the girl and the boy decide to admit that maybe the contract is not needed after all. Oooh~ we like each other. Let’s make this real.

The story is lackluster. Characters aren’t striking (some are even annoying). I don’t feel much even as I reach 50th and 100th.

I was very, very patient.

The prologue is good but the fun starts and ends there. I actually thought it’ll be nice if it were episodic. Title gives me the impression that it’ll be about how she’s pushed to let go and eventually write those letters. That may have been refreshing and interesting. Like, she’ll show the various circumstances where a girl just has to tell herself that it isn’t going to work. For instance, falling in love with your sister’s boyfriend.

It’s totally different from what I imagined.

Now the real reason behind my three stars is the last three chapters of the book. It’s kind of shallow if you ask me considering how much I ranted up there. More so that my reasons are a little less objective and more personal but, anyway, I do have three or four.

1.) Margot and Lara Jean’s confrontation.

Seriously, I don’t even like either characters but they made me cry. I might’ve been emotional because I was so high I haven’t slept yet while reading this, but, for a book that makes me feel nothing, it’s pretty amazing that I can shed tears.

Perhaps it’s  because of the scene’s relatability (this word do not exist, I know). I saw there how I and my sister fight. Not over a boy of course not (our tastes are heaven and earth). It just rings so much to me when Lara Jean says that she’ll never have the guts to betray her sister because her sister’s opinion means a lot to her. She looks up to her that’s why. I immediately broke down with that because I felt her desperation.

2. Trust issues.

If you get to know me, you’ll realize that I’m a very family-oriented person. My college friends and, eventually, co-workers pointed this to me. My world can revolve around my family. Before, I’m even the type of person to say ‘I don’t need friends. I have my family.’

So when the story tells me that even your own can betray you (i.e. when Lara Jean kissed Josh back a second or two, when Kitty admitted that she was the culprit who sent those letters to Lara Jean’s crushes) it kind of made an impact.

I still hate Lara Jean for forgiving Kitty so easily (that was really an asshole move for Kitty especially that it was done for her momentary and superficial hate) but, at the end of the day, I agree that siblings should make up. Because they’re family.

3. The ending.

This is probably half the reason why this book has been salvaged from getting a score of 1. I like open-ended stories. Though frustrating, it leaves much for your imagination. The whole novel might be lackluster in terms of plot and even story-telling but it caught me off guard with its last chapter. Though not as satisfying as Kamiyama’s Onegai Tutor or Draanen’s Flipped, I still liked the fact that the author didn’t let the protagonist have a conclusive relationship with either Josh or Peter. After all, Josh implies treachery and Peter means corny.

Despite 3 stars, I say no if you’re asking if I’m going to read the next installment of the book haha

Because then, I’d have to rate this 2. Or 1.

Overall, if you like cliche, teenage-ry feel and easy read but with a little surprise at the end, you’ll like this.


2 thoughts on “To all the boys I’ve loved before

  1. theradioactivesamurai

    I loved this book!! =)) I won’t try to convince you otherwise because I agree with your points, but it was one of those feel-good reads for me. And I didn’t expect the end couple, so I actually squealed nung may legit na nangyari wahahaha

    1. beeyeah Post author

      I heard from you nga. huhu it was so light and I wasn’t probably up for that.

      AND OO NGA considering that the book revolved around PeterLJ it was so surprising!

      Thanks for the book recs, bb! I’m planning to read the second installment of Stargirl and another one…Dangerous Girls 😀 Hoping to enjoy them!


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