We Were Liars


I don’t trust myself to rate this one. I have been so picky these days that I’m afraid I’ll be making the same mistake as I did with Spinelli’s Stargirl before. One thing is for sure, though. Rich people aren’t going to like this book.

So you see, this book is about Cadence who has everything but her memory of summer fifteen. By everything, I mean everything that I wanted for myself. An island for vacation, money, and more money because she’s the eldest Sinclair grandchild and that probably means inheritance.

You guess it right. This book contains a lot of first world problems that commoners won’t understand. Cadence’s memory loss and migraines are pretty much anchored on these.

Rich people will find this book very offensive because of the protagonists’ portrayal. The whole Sinclair family shows how rotten the elites’ life can ever be. To sum it up, these privileged people worry about headaches, drunkenness, and inheritance instead of food, shelter and job interviews. Or animal welfare.

Cadence is a very annoying character. I find her whining and romantic feelings for Gat aggravating. Which is pretty much what she did in the entire novel. I like unrequited love and all but /really/ when Gat talked about racism, all she could ever think about was kissing him. What on earth is wrong with this woman?

If I ever read ‘Gat. My Gat’ again, I swear I’m going to strangle myself.

She’s going back and forth as to why she forgot summer fifteen and making things harder for her mother who’s equally shallow as her. If it weren’t for her mother and aunt’s greed, and perhaps ‘grandad’s’ manipulative and discriminating larger-than-life presence, Cadence and everyone else might not have been so twisted.

Now, this is where it gets complicated for me. I can’t just put one or two stars just because I hated Cadence. This book, I’d like to believe, is written intentionally to show this superficiality and it has been very effective in that aspect. It wants to show that rich people are aware of it and they are struggling to get themselves rid of this swamp.

They can’t, so says the book.

Another thing that factors my ambivalent rating is the writing style of the author. The book was written with all those metaphors that I found it a waste that it’s Cadence’s voice talking. It’s interesting, on the other hand, how the author tried to pull off the mystery when she told us outright that her character is 1.) liar 2.) unstable 3.) drug dependent.

You don’t believe everything she says. Up until part five, I’ve been telling myself that most of the things she’s telling me are merely drug-induced illusions. Well, I won’t spoil you with anything because this is exactly the point of the book, but really don’t lose your brain cells over it. There’s nothing much. If the first world problem hint didn’t give you a clue, then I don’t know what.

It’s not what I expected. I guessed something along the lines where Cadence is the victim. At the end of the day though, you’ll realize ah~ she’s as stupid and horrible and selfish as I expect her to be. You only find satisfaction as soon as you start analyzing why one thing happened and led to another on the earlier parts of the book. It’s then you’ll notice how intricate the story is weaved.

It would have been solid if it were not for chapter 84 and 85.

This novel should’ve ended with 83.

That’s why no. I’m not going to rate this. It’s kind of a push and pull relationship.

Overall, read this if you love mystery but think twice if you’re easily discouraged by annoying characters.


2 thoughts on “We Were Liars

  1. theradioactivesamurai

    I liked the writing style and I sort of liked the reveal (gave this 3 stars for these!) but agreeing about Cadence. Actually, I didn’t like any of the characters in this book, haha. Maybe that’s because of the way Cadence looked/related to all of them, I don’t know.

    And yesss haha the first world-ness of this book! But it was upfront and unapologetic about it and it was woven into the who mystery+conclusion so I thought it fit.

    Interesting review!! I’m excited to know how you find Dangerous Girls 😀

    1. beeyeah Post author

      I liked the writing style too! A lot of people were bothered by it but it actually drew me in. I kind of agree though that it’s stretching it too much when she’s having headaches and still speaking metaphors =))

      AND YES that’s a nice insight. I probably didn’t like any of the characters either because of how Cadence saw them.

      Thanks for reading! I’m excited what Dangerous Girls can offer.


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