Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Let me tell you that before opening this manga, you have to prepare yourself first to a lot of emotional abuse and self-deprecation. If you’re not up for that, then you’re just going to piss yourself by even trying.


To give you an overview, this manga is about a girl who wants to fit in her new class. Her friends are all about love and sex that she finds it difficult to admit that she has neither. Pushed against the wall, she makes up a pretend boyfriend by taking a photo of some stranger who happens to be a student studying at their school. Plot moves when she suggests that they should act as lovers.

The first few chapters of this manga gave me an impression that it’s going to be another Bokura Ga Ita. Quote-unquote persistent love masked with all the pain and self-sacrifice so unfathomable that it makes me gag. I hated Sata Kyouya, the male protagonist. At some point, I even started thinking he’s Christian Grey minus the sexual harassment. Haha not really. I may be overreacting but you should imagine. Kyouya doesn’t even have an excuse why his mind is so perverted (not in a sexual way.)

He totally has no respect for Erika. He calls her a dog and I find that really offensive. When I read those three letters, I almost always automatically translate it to bitch. It’s just sad how Erika just takes that all in. And she falls in love so this continues, alright? The cycle goes on. He’ll treat her badly and she’ll think it’s her fault that it’s happening to her. Physical wounds can heal fast with proper medication but feelings trampled over ever so frequently? I wonder how anyone can withstand it.

I won’t tolerate it. I’ll just slap the guy and leave him alone.


and this is a very big BUT

I surprisingly finished reading all 39 chapters. Kyouya grew on me and I gradually started to feel understanding instead of annoyance for Erika’s character. Along the way, besides the fact that Kyouya doesn’t cheat, I let Ookami Shoujo pass because it is so upfront about the fact that it isn’t a love story. Say otherwise and I’m going to slit your wrist! This is Dominance-Submission roleplay sans sex. I like to believe that the ‘love’ part is all in Erika’s head.

If you’ll forgive the girl’s lack of self-worth, you can probably survive the rest of the volumes.

Don’t ever, ever think of equality or female empowerment or yeah love~ if you’re going to read this. Please. You’re just really going to get yourself into a foul mood.

As for me, I read it to see how the girl can help the guy overcome himself. He has a twisted way of thinking (although I do relate in some areas) and it’ll be fortunate if she can get him out of that. Thing is, the girl is saying that she doesn’t want the guy to become a person other than himself. She accepts him for who he is! Like seriously. It’s typical blind love but it’s beautiful how the guy does change (gradually) precisely because she never imposed it. Now, if she can just make him see that what he’s doing is wrong and inhuman and if she’ll be able to turn the tables on him and make him put her interests above his from time to time, then it’s going to be a nice love story.

They’re getting there. I hope.


This is ongoing, WIP so no conclusions!

That said, don’t read yet if you’re impatient for updates.


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