Nazo no Kanojo X


As crazy as it sounds, I stumbled upon this anime while searching for Kimi ni Todoke recommendations. I can’t even begin to imagine in what sense these two are similar. What is wrong with people these days? Ugh MAL and its weird anime recommendation. And while we’re at it, for the lack of better term, that’s how I’ll describe this anime.


I can’t place a finger on what exactly it is trying to say (I’m not so smart. Later, I had to read other reviews to finally get where this is going.)

And no. I’m not being judge-y or picky here. I have been warned fairly enough. I’m prepared for the exchange of body fluids. Back then, I wasn’t even able to get past episode one of Soul Eater because I can’t stomach seeing them swallow souls (I was young okay!) but I gave this a chance since there is a promise that this anime has similar qualities with KNT (whateven so deceiving.) And to be perfectly honest, the saliva didn’t look so bad this is a personal opinion I was so prepared remember It’s glistening and the characters are drinking it as if it were honey (the test tube part was little bit of a stretch though. I freaked out when I saw it.)

Anyway, it’s not that I didn’t try to understand because it feels uncomfortable.

From what I gathered, Tsubaki (the protagonist) got a mysterious girlfriend in the person of Urabe. The interaction starts when he becomes tempted to the idea of tasting her saliva which she left on the table after sleeping in the class for the whole afternoon. He got sick a few days after and Urabe decides that for him to be cured, he should get a dose of her saliva everyday. After that, it’s just about her giving him ‘today’s portion’ and how the saliva-bond system works.

That’s it.

How they were able to come up with thirteen episodes is still beyond me.

Well, perhaps I was too busy with the unique saliva factor to comprehend what I’m being fed.

This is not to say I totally hated it. I actually kind of like the characters’ relationship and I’m in to discover the enigma behind Urabe. But the anime just went on and ended it without explaining (1) why her boyfriend is having those weird dreams about her even before they met (2) why she’s always tired (3) why Oka knows about their link (4) why she hides scissors in her panties and (5) why (how) she learned such precise handling of the object. The animators should have used these to further the story. Even Urabe’s family background has potential. Tsubaki has been yapping about the girl’s inscrutability but, in the end, nothing is unraveled. Not even one. You’ll know I persevered for the mystery rather than romance (which, btw, is primarily the reason why I even dared to open this one. MAL oh MAL)

And no. I won’t go so far as hoping for a second season or something. Because even if it intrigues me, I think I don’t feel strongly enough to ask for more. Really, they could have used the other episodes better with a hint or two.

Overall, I’m curious but it isn’t enough to draw me in and suck me completely. It doesn’t make sense (up until I read this one review) and I’m slow to catch up. The manga may have been better but, to put it bluntly I’m sorry to the mangaka, I’m not really hyped by the idea.

By far the weirdest I’ve watched.


6 thoughts on “Nazo no Kanojo X

    1. beeyeah Post author

      Right? Surprisingly, the ratings were high. Other people said it’s all about exploring sexual desires and firsts in high school relationships. I didn’t quite catch that when I first watched this though =))

  1. secretshrine

    OMG, I remember reading this manga back in my HS days. I can’t remember my opinion of it, but I can remember reading it while it was still incomplete– and medyo na WTF ako sa saliva thingy. =))

    1. beeyeah Post author

      But I think the saliva thing is also a way to intrigue the audience? Since it’s so bizarre :)))) Like Fairy Tail’s humor, it’s a double-edged sword.


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