What’s to like and not to like about Fairy Tail


I’ll have to warn you first that I haven’t finished the anime/manga yet so that (1) you’ll spare me from spoilers and (2) you can consider my opinion premature and take no offense. But just to give an overview what to expect once you take this up, let me hand out a list why I like this anime at times and why I often don’t.

What’s to like?

1. Erza Scarlet (takes the number one spot)


If you ask me, Erza is the best thing that has happened to this anime. I’m biased but I hope that you can love her as much as I did. From her back story to her role and to her quirkiness.

She’s strong but warm (like Natsu). She believes in her friends but she knows when to back down when deemed necessary (unlike Natsu). For example, when Makarov was placed in a coma (!not a spoiler since Makarov is practically always MIA #heartattack or something along those lines when all the action is there and Erza has to bear the responsibility of leading Fairy Tail). She’s a front-liner but there’s also this preciousness in her that makes you want to protect her. I completely understand why Natsu doesn’t want to see Erza cry.

He genuinely cares for her. And she deserves all the love and attention she can get.

Because you know she’s tough. And she stands as the backbone of Fairy Tail and you know that it’s not an easy task and, when she breaks, it isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Gildarts, Laxus and Mystogan may be equally or even stronger but Gildarts is rarely around, Laxus is tsundere and Mystogan is Mystogan.

That’s why.

She’s always either the last string of hope or a sacrifice to protect the guild that everyone loves.

I strongly recommend that she be the next master of Fairy Tail.

/whispers/ she’s a Gruvia shipper too, you know?

Which! brings me to my next point.

2. Pairings

If you want to watch shounen with a touch of romance (not explicitly served but clearly outlined), then Fairy Tail is for you.

I don’t exactly buy platonic relationships among men and women who’ve spent practically most of their lives with each other.

Then there’s Gruvia. Now, I don’t exactly fancy Gray but you know I have a soft spot for unrequited feelings so there you go my totally subjective reason.

Some of the pairings you can watch out are: NatsuLucy (they’re both kids and clueless), GrayJuvia (unrequited), ErzaJellal (almost is never enough kind of story), GajeelLevy (mutual), ElfmanEvergreen (they both deny it), NatsuLisanna (another almost is never enough story), GrayLucy (in Juvia’s head and fandom’s heart), HappyCarla (unrequited – cat version)

etcetera etcetera.

Though I personally feel Erza deserves them all /shot

3. Humor

I was a little iffy where to put this. Fairy Tail’s humor is like a double-edged sword. You know you’d like to take some joke that can make you feel better when the scenes are just too heavy to bear, but sometimes it may be out of place.

I mean, I kinda like it in the earlier parts of the series but the humor gets tiring when Happy comments about Lucy’s weight or rolls his tongue out of nowhere when you’re feeling the scene and you’re gearing for some action and climax. It breaks the tension and it makes you feel disappointed.

On the other hand, if you’re all for that, then this anime is for you.

4. Episode 123 and 175.

Go figure when you get there. These episodes shocked me out of my wits and it’ll be unfair if I spoil your fun. To be honest, these are the rarest times I actually felt something while watching this anime.

5. 15th Opening Song

This is practically the reason why I decided to pick up this anime again after two or three years. Disclaimer: I’m a fan of BoA.

What’s not to like?

1. This tandem (takes the number one spot)


I almost dropped this series again because of them. Although Wendy is redeemed after her arc (I daresay she’s one of the most developed characters), Carla is just annoying as hell. Her know-it-all smugness feels like a nail scraped against the window. Even her voice irritates me.

2. Character death

I’m looking for character death. You can’t go to a war without casualties.

The author of this manga is very much like Akira Amano. They just can’t kill their lovely characters, can they? (And no, I won’t count Simon’s death because it isn’t even heartbreaking.) The enemies are just going to be punched and put to sleep or imprisoned and then next second they’ll wake up and realize they’re wrong. Cue: they’ll become Natsu’s friends.

Come on, they won’t wage a war with the intent to wipe out all of Fairy Tail or even the whole of Magnolia without jumping over the darkest side. I get that no one is inherently evil but (as Tokyo Ghoul has pointed out) no one is to remain saint either. They’ve come that far, they can’t just suddenly go back because they’re being forgiven!

If I were them, I rather just die.

Which brings me to my next point.

3. Lack of drama

This is why humor began to become an issue for me. I just can’t get attached with an anime when it lacks drama. Either that or that the anime is so wonderfully executed that it’ll force tears out of my eyes (Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto have these right on their first ten episodes). Fairy Tail has neither. The arcs are average at most. Even Mystogan’s back story is quite predictable. There isn’t any wow!factor except for episode 123 and 175. Well, you’ll know when you get there.

Though when you do, go back to number 2 of the second half of this review. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

4. Objectification

I love Erza. I love Lucy. I love Mirajane. Compared to Hitman Reborn, this anime has a lot of lovable (useful) female characters. It’s just so saddening how their bodies are objectified every single time.

I’m not so stupid as to overlook the shots of the camera that usually focus on their boobs and butts. And really. Why does Lucy or Erza’s clothes get all tattered and torn apart to show off their skin but Natsu’s jacket is just so durable?

I don’t think this type of fanservice is necessary. If anything, it makes me uncomfortable.

5. Illogical power surges

These people don’t even train except for that one time when they had to take part in the Grand Magic Games (even then, their three months were reduced to five days.) I like seeing characters go about their training not just because it makes everything logical but also because it’s the time I can see them grow as a fighter (outside their ability to adapt in battles, of course.) Training episodes make the feelings raw. It’s when I can see most their determination to improve because, during these moments, they fail a number of times. But they’ll still persevere as they have this goal in mind like saving a friend or defeating a larger-than-life opponent. I’m not satisfied at all when Natsu comes up with an attack with a weird name as if he has prepared it all along for this particular battle.

Although, really, I get that they are mages. Later, I also realize that they improve magically drastically because, as Makarov puts it, a mage’s power comes from the heart. So the bigger your feelings, the grander your magic.

I still feel it’s quite a waste though haha

But that’s just me.

Anyway, that’s probably everything I can say for now. I have all the intention to finish this one but I’m pretty sure I’ll take long.


5 thoughts on “What’s to like and not to like about Fairy Tail

  1. secretshrine

    TBH, one of my main issues sa manga na to is the objectification. I saw Richa’s reblogged posts of FT and puro boobs and panty-shots =)))) I asked her to blacklist it because 1: I plan to read the manga someday ayoko maspoil, 2: baka maturn off ako with the way the female characters are drawn uhuhuhu (BTW, I didn’t read your whole list! Afraid of spoilers HAHA

    1. beeyeah Post author

      Well, I try to overlook the objectification part na lang. Erza and everyone else are well made imo. Just avoid the OVAs. Those are specially filled with FS ahuhu If it wasn’t funny, I won’t even be able to stomach it.

      I was specially careful not to spoil anything. I didn’t put much since when I made this list I was only halfway through the anime :))) But to be safe I guess that’s alright. I know how spoilers make you feel haha

      1. secretshrine

        Ah, I have this plug-in called X-KIT where I can blacklist posts about a certain thing as long as it was tagged! Di kasi siya nagtatag dati, I just asked her to tag it so I can avoid being spoiled 😀 she was fine by it naman!

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