Gruvia: On Gray’s Rejection

Much has already been said about this pairing. Some people like them and some don’t. I personally prefer this one over other ships out there because you know me (refer to my previous posts), but a lot has been calling foul that it should sink. In a sense, they’re saying that Gruvia is just about a girl who’s obsessed over a guy who blatantly told her ‘no.’

Don’t say otherwise!

He definitely did.


refer to chapter 338 of the manga

Shippers of this pairing have turned a blind eye over this fact because they thought ‘why not?’ We all know that a couple of chapters after, Mashima-sensei pacifies the storm with moments that tell us romantic relationship is anything but impossible (see: Tartaros Arc).

But I’m going to talk about it here because I think it deserves our attention. The rejection definitely happened and I don’t think that it’s just a way to humor fans or say that, sometimes, there are ‘bumps’ on the road.

Gray gave an outright ‘no’ to Juvia because (that time), the way I see it, he thought that romance is out of the question. My theory comes from Episode 165 (Chapter 282 of Manga) where Erza tells Gray to confront his feelings, knowing clearly that Juvia has them for him.

credits: image not my. edits rightfully belong to Shikalein

credits: image not mine. edits rightfully belong to Shikalein

I think it’s safe to assume that he turned her down with Erza’s advice in mind and an intention to cut the craze. It’s a real one, if you ask me. He isn’t being tsundere about it. He isn’t confused. It is a clear testament that he sees her nothing more than a comrade at that moment.

And I didn’t hate him for it (meh yeah I did !but) the rejection only shows that Gray cares for Juvia.

As they say, ‘A man who’s halfheartedly pushing away is actually pulling in.’ Translate it to an asshole’s language and you’ll get, ‘Hello, I’m here to play with you.’

I like to believe that he did it because he wanted to be fair with her. By rejecting her, he is finally acknowledging her feelings instead of his usual oblivious and evasive ‘what do you mean?’ His quote-unquote new age comes with a touch of maturity. I realize that the conversation with Erza is allowed to happen not merely to hint us that she’s a shipper but also because she wants Gray to respect Juvia’s love. As crazy, stalker-ish or deep it may be in his eyes. Erza is that type of person, you know? And considering the serious drift of her thoughts from knowing Millianna’s desire to kill Jellal, I think this conclusion is logical.

Well, as an expert of unrequited love affairs, I believe that Juvia’s reaction is pretty normal. I mean not her interpretation of Gray’s rejection but rather her persistence. You don’t just stop loving a person after they tell you ‘no.’ Especially not for Juvia since Gray is the first man to remove her out of her ‘rainy days’ (literal sense or not.) Which is precisely what kept my faith intact for this pairing. Unrequited love lasts the longest. Juvia won’t give up for petty matters such as rejection (it wouldn’t be that kind of love otherwise), a detail overlooked by Gray.

The rejection doesn’t translate to impossibility as seen in the consequent arcs. In my opinion, the mangaka is merely trying to emphasize that Gray and Juvia’s relationship has already progressed and that he’s starting to recognize that something is going on. It’s not his priority right then so he concludes that he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings but what do we know? He obviously cares and the future is yet untold hehe

There, there. I know I’m probably going overboard with this interpretation. This is too much right out from a scene. But this totally made an impact on me so I’m giving it a special coverage.


Your thoughts? Probably no?

Love me, hate me



4 thoughts on “Gruvia: On Gray’s Rejection

  1. ripialtd

    Actually, I think the reason he rejected Juvia was because ultear hadhadjust just died. That made him push Juvia away. You should try to see the bigger picture. And no. You’re wrong. He did have feelings for Juvia. He didn’t mean his rejection..He just said it because he couldn’t say yes to her. He just couldn’t. I don’t think you understand Gray that well.

    1. BLouise Post author

      Hold you horses, dear. I wasn’t trying to say I’m a Gray expert. I simply made an analysis and from my standpoint, the scene with Erza was put out there so Gray realizes that there is a need for him to clarify his feelings. In my opinion, hearts get broken (the receiver of such love gets burdened) precisely because people tend to equate no with a yes (it’s fun yey for tension). In real life, it’s not fun as it sounds though.

      Anyway, you might be right about Ultear. I apologize if my analysis was too micro.

    2. Gruvia Fullbuster

      Sorry but I disagree with you, Ripialtd. For one, Gray didn’t even know that Ultear had given her life to save him and everyone else at that time. He didn’t find out until a couple episodes/chapters later when they were on a carriage ride home. So that definitely cannot be the reason for his rejection. Therefore, there is no bigger picture and instead of telling others to see it, I think you should pay attention to the manga/anime more.
      Yes, I agree with you when you say that he did have feelings at that time (and still does :D) but he, maybe, wasn’t ready for a relationship yet and just wanted to give her an answer? Idk. I’m very bad at interpreting Gray’s actions.
      Anyway, I think BLouise’s analysis was pretty clear cut and actually made complete sense as to why Gray rejected her. As of now, I think that’s the best theory on this situation.

      1. BLouise Post author

        To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember much about the manga anymore. It’s been 2 years since I wrote this. I actually think the scene can be interpreted in different ways. You identify with an analysis that will keep your heart at peace =))) At the end of the day, only Mashima gets to decide. Anyway! I’m glad my analysis can trigger discourse haha

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