Ore Monogatari

I totally needed a break after Shadow of Hegemon. One can only take too much dose of politics and military strategy. Sometimes, people like me also need something romantic and light and funny. Considering all three elements, I knew I want to read Gekkan Shoujo right then.


But just in case you have yet to read the title of this blog post, I’ll clarify. No, I’m not going to write about GSNK (if ever I will, I’d like that post to be as special as my Itazura na Kiss review). Instead, I’ll be revisiting my feelings for Ore Monogatari which I just happen to finish last night. 

So this anime is about Takeo-kun, a guy bit bigger than the average size, gifted with male friends but lacking on the love life department. As much as he is lucky to have the hot Sunakawa-kun as his childhood/best friend, it backfires when all his crushes fall in love for the other guy. You’ll think this’ll someday break their friendship (I assumed the cliche) but Takeo finally snatches the heart of that one girl who deserves his kindness.

In all honesty, this anime is interesting perhaps only up until episode 5. When Takeo thought that Yamato, just like all the other girls, fell for Sunakawa. It’s painful (my heart literally clenched) and funny at the same time because the girl that I am knew Yamato likes Takeo with the way she looked at him after he saved her from the train groper. It goes downhill beyond this point though as all we’ll get is Takeo’s ‘spring time’. Which means that there isn’t much conflict. Which also means that I have to be sorry for myself for not having a boyfriend.

It’s just a matter of Takeo misunderstanding the girl’s advances and responses because he has never once experienced being in the position of ‘liked’. He’s always the one doing the liking.

I won’t blame the anime though. It is exactly what it promised. Innocent first love that makes everything else pale in comparison. But you know, I just wish there is more meaning to it than love that overlooks physical appearance (I personally think it doesn’t even run that deep– if anything, Takeo is just Yamato’s type of guy). It’s shoujo but hey, can’t we up this a level?

Which brings me to Sunakawa and all my trust issues regarding his sexuality. Can you seriously believe (100%) that this guy is straight? I just can’t be convinced from the way he looks at Takeo and the way he looks when he’s not looking at Takeo. The fact that his friend can’t read him after all these years – he’s the type to keep things bottled up – bothers me to no end. If he does like Takeo (which is highly likely), I can only pray for his broken heart as he endures being the third wheel to all of Takeo’s dates. And who does that, anyway? Join your friend in his romantic escapades. Either he has nothing better to do or he just likes stalking the couple. Which I think is pretty much the same in a sense.

doesn’t this just give you the feels?

To add, this guy remembers a lot about Takeo that the man in question doesn’t recall about himself. And when those memories hit him, he’s always happy. It’s impossible to remain platonic towards the person who can specially make you laugh your ass out.

My theories were rock hard the moment Yukika Amami comes into the picture. Before, I lie to myself thinking that he doesn’t consider having relationship with those girls who confessed to him because they talk bad behind Takeo’s back. I personally would dump a guy who treats my friends badly. But Yukika doesn’t (she sounded a little unstable and goosebumps worthy but she looked decent nonetheless). In fact, Takeo likes her and she returns the feelings with respect (if not envy).

To me, agreeing to go on a date with Yukika is just Suna’s way of assuring Takeo that he doesn’t have to worry about him. Instead of actually trying to get to know or like the girl. It’s too far apart, Yukika says — her feelings and Suna’s. And from an outsider’s perspective, she is pretty sure that Suna loves Takeo. She was watching him for 10 years, remember.

So I know. I may be stretching things far too thin but his actions are all prone to misinterpretation and you’ll definitely try to read into it when the main narrative presents you with nothing but pink and cute romantic cliches.

I’ll definitely read the manga to confirm. I really, really hope Suna is gay because it’s all the more believable and interesting that way. All those seeds are planted. Suna just has to make them bloom.


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