Finding Audrey

This seems like a pretty big leap for me for a Kinsella novel. Usually, her stories revolve around working, middle-aged women. Finding Audrey is told from a teenager’s point of view who is apparently bullied when she’s younger, causing her psychological trauma which then leads to her recluse lifestyle.

If you’re asking whether the shift’s good or bad, well–

Leaning towards the latter. This novel left me feeling half-full and half-empty. While it tackles bullying and game-addiction (dilemmas commonly faced by this generation), from where I stand, there appears to be a lot of pointless elements included.

I’ll forgive the mystery of Audrey’s back story. It’s in-character. Even after she overcame her panic attacks, it’s clear to me why Tasha will never be explained. The experiences aren’t worth the recall, believe me.

Enlighten me though, why the video? What’s the point? I’ll understand if the rest of the narrative is seen through the lens of her camera but it just doesn’t add value. Audrey’s just eavesdropping on conversations which, to me, doesn’t look like therapy but a way to add to her eccentricity.

Secondly, why allow her to confront Izzy when you’re just going to make it so anticlimactic? I’ll guess that it’s to show that bullies also get their fair share of depression but it just makes it all the more infuriating. I will never condone or justify the horrendous act.

Anyway, what is all those foreshadowing about? Audrey is not taking her meds. Dr. Sarah keeps talking about the jagged graph. Linus is freaking out and lecturing about selfishness. You’ll think there’ll be a relapse after the Izzy fiasco. You’ll assume the unconventional not-so-happy-ending.

Are you able to accept the fact that the worst news (her disappearance) is caused by her getting crazy over a text from her boyfriend? It’s just so shallow I can’t help but whine. Actually, why make her disappear in the first place if she’s just going to be found the next morning sleeping soundly and suddenly without her glasses on? It’ fine if the gap in her memory from her disappearance to when she’s found is used to further the plot but no. Nada. Pointless.

So there. I rest my case. You go judge.


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