Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu

It’s 3am again and my insomnia hasn’t died down.

So allow me to talk about my first Sota drama series. My friend really likes him so I gave this one a chance when I saw that Tamaki Hiroshi will also be playing a role.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much. In the first few episodes, I don’t feel the sparks – yes, an older woman falls in love with a younger man, what now?

What sets it apart (as my friend remarks during one of our conversations) is that it broke the usual pattern where the older woman has a strong personality and the younger guy is immature (easy to make mistakes or unthinking about future.) We have these stereotypes because we always think that maturity comes with confidence and youth translates to juvenile. But in reality, this isn’t the case.

Hanae comes from a very conservative family. She’s sheltered and she believes that her first love will be the one. Nothing wrong here but due to her idealistic thoughts about romance and marriage, she didn’t realize that she’s already 30 and single and still a virgin.

So God. This is what Tanakura Yuto has been for her. A miracle.

Unexpectedly, Yuto is very mature. He’s smart, independent and, most of all, he can clean and cook. I myself was surprised that the drama allowed this dynamic to happen. Cause, really, what does he need Hanae for? He won’t be fascinated over her because she doesn’t exude the ‘onee-chan’ vibe. They have nothing to talk about. They’re awkward together. They lack chemistry.

So why? Why would such a timid character fall in love with a guy younger than her? I don’t know. Asao-san (even with 1M debt) seem like the more rational choice.

At one point, I debated (just like Hanae) if she fell in love with Yuto-kun because he was her first everything. If it were Asao-san, the results will have probably been the same.

But as Kirishima remarks —

I’m confident that love isn’t about who gets there first.

It isn’t about the first person to confess but about who the person is. Hanae (stripping off all the awkwardness their tandem radiates) feels happy when she’s with Yuto. Yes, Asao-san might have been able to take out undiscovered sides to her, but he doesn’t make her nervous. The viewers may not be able to see it, but Hanae does. The sparks are with Yuto. Asao-san is and will always be just a friend.

Speaking of friends, more than these three, what caught my attention was Ooshiro-kun, the colleague. A guy who supports his kouhais in their love endeavor but remains single all throughout the series.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that he is in love with Hanae and, just like Asao-san, is contented from watching her love another guy. It occurred to me when he mentions that he sees Hanae in Kagami (the kouhai he’s constantly backing up.) I’m actually suspicious of his sexuality but found that he is merely weak against their type. He’s attracted to lost souls who do not try to break free from the sorry situation they’ve been trapped in for so many years. He wants to break their cage and, along the way, love them in the process. The subtle way this is hinted when Asao-san calls him on it during the last episode made so much impact on me.

But that’s probably me over-reading the drama.

Overall, this is an okay series. Not the best but not the worst around. Like Finding Audrey, it leaves you feeling half-real and half empty. Real because women like Hanae exists. And empty because I won’t be waiting like her until Yuto is satisfied with his bachelor life and MBA. While it has a point that they can’t be together until Yuto is whole (meaning he found himself and reached his dreams. He’s still too young, damn it!), I think it isn’t fair for Hanae to be forced to tiptoe around when she’s already in the settling down stage (earth to Asao-san!)

The ending was very unsatisfactory.

Then again, my mother says it’s love. I can never be too sure.



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