After Midnight


Pandora was the only romance he needed. – Gordon Frost

After Midnight literally injected some life in me when I heard it’s a spin-off to Sonny and Ai’s In the Company of Shadows. I’ve been blabbing about that series but it’s a life-changer and desensitizer (I know the word does not exist) so just go and judge me.

After four books of Shadows Series, we’ve become so immersed to the paranoia that is prominent in the barbed compounds of Johnson Pharmaceuticals. So After Midnight had been a refreshing read. Not because it’s less dystopic but because it’s from a point of view of someone that is not an agent.

After Midnight revolves around Gordon and Adam. We know Adam Blake is Hsin’s almost-but-never-enough partner prior Boyd so I guess it makes more sense to talk about Gordon. He has a cameo in Fade but for those who have yet to reach the fourth installment, allow me to give you a brief background.

Put it simply, Gordon Frost is the face of Skyn, a porn company used as front to hide the underground drug trade of Pandora. He’s the go-to guy of the glazed-eyed addicts wanting to pop a couple of hours of reprieve from the depression caused by the remnants of WWIII.

His meeting with Adam hasn’t exactly been planned. After a fallout during mission, Adam needed his apartment as cover to avoid police and headaches for Vivienne (the acting Marshal). Which practically translates to a death sentence. After all, any civilian who witnesses Agency’s involvement will be considered a reasonable collateral damage so they remain discreet from public’s eyes. Things turn thrilling when Adam decides after all that it’s worth to keep Gordon alive.

Gordon is probably the only civilian allowed to live after contact with an operative on duty. Or is he? What I realize after reading this book is that the Agency’s shadow doesn’t only loom over Hsin and Boyd’s clique. It is equally bad for everyone with ties (balls and chains) to them. They all have their problems and they do what they do in order to survive.

From the Agency’s perspective, they must think that civilians are clueless and ready to dance (and die) in the palm of their hands. But if Gordon, who has been considered doormat by many, is able to snuff out some information from them without triggering the slightest alarm, what more if the bigger players (who are neither insurgents nor agents) come into the picture? See: Chance.

I’d love to see what happens to them when the war breaks out (between Euro and American division). I know full well that Chance has a large role to play on Emilio and Carhart’s getaway. But I’d like to see how and how did Adam and Gordon live through it. It’s pretty interesting if they’ll join the hotpot of factions post-Fade era.

4 out of 5. This definitely merits a sequel.

If you’re asking, no, it’s not necessary that you’ve read the ICoS series to understand this book. This one focuses on Gordon more than Agency related missions. Adam just makes more sense though if you’ve been acquainted with the four books.


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