Fast Connection


I honestly am drowning myself with Santino Hassell. Fast Connection was no exception to his prowess and Megan Erickson’s. This is leaning towards bias because I’m such a fan but you’d understand when you acquiant yourself with their books.

This has been a sequel to Strong Signal, the first installment in the Cyberlove series. While Strong Signal tackled how online can turn you into a recluse (and pull you out with the !power of love yey), Fast Connection taught that virtual and real are two separate worlds that will inevitably collide. Both true and may seem freakish but fortunately led to happy endings.

It’s Fast Connection because your main guy, Dominic (aka SgtCostigan) pretty much clicked with his first Grindr hook-up in his attempt to further explore his bisexuality. The sparks are there. Their attitudes compliment and the sex is great. The only problem is that Silver Fox dude won’t let Dominic in because he’s your average no-strings-attach who’s afraid of commitment in light of previous lover fiasco. 

It’s kind of predictable (all romances are coupled with an ever after), but it keeps you reading. The dialogues are fun and the characters are very entertaining. I have no better way to put it. I love the banters and smartass Grindr comments. I love Luke’s stiff-as-stick demeanor and how it all melts in the presence of Dominic’s goofy smile. Or smirk. Or dick.

What added spice was Dominic’s career and fam dilemma. The push of wanting to live for himself with the path he wants and the pull of his father’s  view towards his dream. I totally get it when he says he’s got nothing but a list of his killings as ex-military soldier.

I haven’t killed anyone tho.

But I do understand being stuck doing something because you have no other choice. You’ve got to deal with shit because you mindlessly entered something you can’t undo. Like a career path you have totally no control over because it’s your boss talking and his faith in your potential to do something that you totally…have no feelings over.

There you go. Before I rant about my deteriorating passion and dreams, I’m going to end this post with a hope that you’d empathize when I say I fall in love with everything Santino writes. I should’ve posted about Sunset Park but I worry my head’s all over the place. Everything’s mush but his books have that touch of reality that you can just identify with. Plus points for Megan’s humor. We all need that feel-good romantic reprieve. Life’s good when you’ve got a book. Here’s to 4 out of 5 stars!


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