In the Middle of Somewhere


Roan Parrish pulled me out of my reading slump yey!

Okay maybe that’s not so accurate. I 1-clicked her books because they were on sale and I’m reviewing it here to justify my 2/5 star rating in Goodreads. 

I’m not the audience for this book. It’s sappy and there isn’t much action (unless the characters are in the shower or in bed) so it was hard for me to finish. I’ve read a lot of gay romance and I was kinda disappointed that this one’s on the wagon where majority is sex (80% ish) so much that it overrides the plot.

In the Middle of Somewhere is about a guy named Daniel who just transferred to Michigan to start a new job after his graduate studies. He overruns a dog with his car and gets into an accident but is luckily saved by a man named Rex who lives in an isolated cabin in the middle of Michigan-somewhere. Their love story begins as Daniel lets it slip that he’s gay and got kissed by the stranger.

The dilemma comes in chapter 13 or 14 and it’s only a total of 16 chapters. So you would wonder, what was in the more or less 12 previous chapters?

Sex. Misunderstandings. Insecurities. And sex. If they’re not getting to know each other, or cooking, or walking the dog outside, or worrying about the car and snow, or smelling each other’s necks, they’re familiarizing themselves with each other’s ass and dick.

Couple this with the setting (woods and isolation) and you get the impression of an escapist fantasy. Daniel himself said it. It’s too good to be true. Rex is. He’s an impossibly perfect character I cannot believe exists.

When you get a perfect lover, it’s hard to create a good conflict. This felt too safe. Like the author was afraid to hurt her MCs because they’ve already gone through hell in their backstories.

And so I hang on to Daniel’s family problems which happened only later in the novel.

If you would ask me, Roan did well in tackling issues commonly met by people who outed themselves in homophobic household dominated by men and their machismo. I understand why Daniel was cynical. The character’s psychology was explained at length in the novel. But Rex’s character didn’t convince me. If he were Daniel’s illusion, that would be epic.

It probably won’t happen because this is romance and we want HEAs.

As for the reason why I would still read Out of Nowhere, it’s Colin. He’s a very problematic character so I want to get inside his head.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it’ll be better than the first book.


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