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First of, allow me to thank Booktasters and Brian Harrison for giving me a copy of this book. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but this book can enlighten readers why people are driven to insanity for simply being human.

Progeny follows the story of a group of mentally institutionalized in the process of therapy where we are given glimpse of backstories and how they led to ‘cold-blooded’ murders. If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I assumed this book is for me. It started with a child killing his father with thirteen bullets – this after enduring more than a year of sexual molestation.

Catchy, ain’t it?

In all honesty, I thought that I will be finishing this up real fast because I like dark and depressing books (in all weird ways). But I didn’t and I imagine it will be so for the majority due to either or both of these reasons: Continue reading


Captive Prince

Quite honestly, I was kind of discouraged to pick up this series after quick peeks to some reviews online. Usually, I put more weight on critiques rather than raving fans so I thought C.S. Pacat‘s Captive Prince was all about graphic sex and slavery. Boy, was I wrong. This is one of the rare times I should’ve listened to the vote of the majority.

For the life of me, this was a light and romantic read. If you think this is brutal, then you haven’t heard of Aleksandr Voinov and Marquesate just yet. And if you think this is PWP, you’re really funny.

This is primarily a star-crossed lover kind of story with a heavy dose of politics. Damen, the heir to the Akielon throne has been sent to their enemy country by his stepbrother after the death of the king. The worst is yet to come as he realizes he’s being sent as a bed slave to the prince of Vere whose brother he had killed.

Beyond that, it’s about rising through ranks to regain what’s originally your throne.

A convoluted affair if you ask me. Continue reading



You tired of Sonny in my dash? My mom is but I haven’t had enough of his books just yet.

If you had any luck of reading the latest excerpt available at Riptide, you’d feel as ecstatic as I am (well, make sure you read Sunset Park at least). Two reasons for including this to your next Goodreads TBR list: 1) Ray and David (because they ooze sexiness and compatibility – whether we’re talking personality or bed) 2) all the adulting and struggles that come in package. After all, this is Santino we’re talking about. His history of portraying what’s important and real on paper speaks for itself. I’m intrigued how this’ll lead to HEA. I daresay with the way my current life is headed that work and love cannot just co-exist. At all.

I wish I could pre-order the book. Riptide’s website hates me the way Patreon does.  I’ve been trying to do online shopping whole day to no avail.

Imagine that.

That’s me and my everyday battle with technology. Watch out for the book’s release on October 24th! It’s a good birth month for me this year.

Sunset Park


In the 3 books released of Santino‘s 5 Borough series, Sunset Park has got to be my most favorite. To be honest, I read it last because I was so sure I wouldn’t like it. I hated David in Sutphin Boulevard. He’s the inquisitive egotistic piece of meat who can’t just mind his own damn business. Although Raymond sounded hot, a lot contended (Santino included) that First and First is the sexiest in the series yet.

So then.

Imagine my surprise when I warmed up to SP earlier than the other two. Continue reading

Fast Connection


I honestly am drowning myself with Santino Hassell. Fast Connection was no exception to his prowess and Megan Erickson’s. This is leaning towards bias because I’m such a fan but you’d understand when you acquiant yourself with their books.

This has been a sequel to Strong Signal, the first installment in the Cyberlove series. While Strong Signal tackled how online can turn you into a recluse (and pull you out with the !power of love yey), Fast Connection taught that virtual and real are two separate worlds that will inevitably collide. Both true and may seem freakish but fortunately led to happy endings.

It’s Fast Connection because your main guy, Dominic (aka SgtCostigan) pretty much clicked with his first Grindr hook-up in his attempt to further explore his bisexuality. The sparks are there. Their attitudes compliment and the sex is great. The only problem is that Silver Fox dude won’t let Dominic in because he’s your average no-strings-attach who’s afraid of commitment in light of previous lover fiasco.  Continue reading

Why women are still terrified

So I did say that this blog is merely a review dump. No personal shit and all that. But I really don’t know where else to put this seeing that most of my SNS is plagued by my officemates and they may take this the wrong way. Also, this sounded coherent in my head but you know me so I apologize for rambling. Here goes.

Yesterday, I was walking to our office. It was just 5-10 minutes away so I go there by foot. It was broad daylight and was in a business district so you could say that I expected a relatively safe travel. That is, not until someone walked behind me and whispered, “Miss, can I get your name?” Continue reading