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I’m very excited to review Nisekoi because it’s my brother’s first romantic anime. Okay, I know you might’ve read and watched a lot of shoujo and this is nothing new but this is my brother we’re talking about. He slept through Kimi ni Todoke, played Pokemon while watching Ore Monogatari and refused to try Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. He just doesn’t like romance. I don’t know if he avoids it because hello boy stereotypes, but when I talk with my friends, their brothers don’t seem to be bothered at all by gender over genre preference.



When my brother is suddenly able to finish Nisekoi, I cannot help but just fangirl over it. Like I’ve been trying for so many months to convince him and he just makes this sour face as if romance in itself is a profane subject matter. He’s really missing a lot.

So what’s up with Nisekoi? What distinguishes it apart from all the shoujo anime I push to recommend to my little brother (who’s actually not so little anymore)? Continue reading


Ore Monogatari

I totally needed a break after Shadow of Hegemon. One can only take too much dose of politics and military strategy. Sometimes, people like me also need something romantic and light and funny. Considering all three elements, I knew I want to read Gekkan Shoujo right then.


But just in case you have yet to read the title of this blog post, I’ll clarify. No, I’m not going to write about GSNK (if ever I will, I’d like that post to be as special as my Itazura na Kiss review). Instead, I’ll be revisiting my feelings for Ore Monogatari which I just happen to finish last night.  Continue reading

Gruvia: On Gray’s Rejection

Much has already been said about this pairing. Some people like them and some don’t. I personally prefer this one over other ships out there because you know me (refer to my previous posts), but a lot has been calling foul that it should sink. In a sense, they’re saying that Gruvia is just about a girl who’s obsessed over a guy who blatantly told her ‘no.’

Don’t say otherwise!

He definitely did.


refer to chapter 338 of the manga

Shippers of this pairing have turned a blind eye over this fact because they thought ‘why not?’ We all know that a couple of chapters after, Mashima-sensei pacifies the storm with moments that tell us romantic relationship is anything but impossible (see: Tartaros Arc).

But I’m going to talk about it here because I think it deserves our attention. The rejection definitely happened and I don’t think that it’s just a way to humor fans or say that, sometimes, there are ‘bumps’ on the road. Continue reading

What’s to like and not to like about Fairy Tail


I’ll have to warn you first that I haven’t finished the anime/manga yet so that (1) you’ll spare me from spoilers and (2) you can consider my opinion premature and take no offense. But just to give an overview what to expect once you take this up, let me hand out a list why I like this anime at times and why I often don’t. Continue reading

Nazo no Kanojo X


As crazy as it sounds, I stumbled upon this anime while searching for Kimi ni Todoke recommendations. I can’t even begin to imagine in what sense these two are similar. What is wrong with people these days? Ugh MAL and its weird anime recommendation. And while we’re at it, for the lack of better term, that’s how I’ll describe this anime.


Continue reading

Review: Love Stage

Uwah~ it’s been so long since I’ve tried a new BL.This brings back memories.

If you had the leisure to visit my MAL, you’d know that there was a period when I’d been so fascinated over yaoi manga. It was new to me. I sure was young then.

What am I saying? Reading yaoi at a young age.

Anyway, all I’m trying to point out is that I’ve been so exposed to this demography to the point that I’ve become hesitant to try yet another one. Read some and you’ll notice that there’s quite a trend.

  1. PWP (story? What story? Is that something you can eat?)
  2. Inexplicable attraction among protagonists (most probably physical)
  3. Use of force (!rape)
  4. Het character realizes he like–loves  his assaulter because he didn’t want anyone’s touch but his.

Alright, let’s talk about Love Stage.


Continue reading