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Gruvia: On Gray’s Rejection

Much has already been said about this pairing. Some people like them and some don’t. I personally prefer this one over other ships out there because you know me (refer to my previous posts), but a lot has been calling foul that it should sink. In a sense, they’re saying that Gruvia is just about a girl who’s obsessed over a guy who blatantly told her ‘no.’

Don’t say otherwise!

He definitely did.


refer to chapter 338 of the manga

Shippers of this pairing have turned a blind eye over this fact because they thought ‘why not?’ We all know that a couple of chapters after, Mashima-sensei pacifies the storm with moments that tell us romantic relationship is anything but impossible (see: Tartaros Arc).

But I’m going to talk about it here because I think it deserves our attention. The rejection definitely happened and I don’t think that it’s just a way to humor fans or say that, sometimes, there are ‘bumps’ on the road. Continue reading


Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Let me tell you that before opening this manga, you have to prepare yourself first to a lot of emotional abuse and self-deprecation. If you’re not up for that, then you’re just going to piss yourself by even trying.


Continue reading

A follow up

As it happens, there has been some mistake on my part. I wasn’t able to read chapters 65-70 of Bokura Ga Ita so my comments can be considered prematurely created and not credible. I didn’t know there is volume 16 up until now so, to give the manga a real fair judgment, I gave it another shot and read it up until the last panel.

Sadly, my opinion remains the way it is written before this post is upped. I still don’t like BGI.

Love me, hate me. XOXO

Ao Haru Raido review

I care not if people judge me for doing this.

As banal as it sounds, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” No matter how you think your time for other things isn’t just enough, you will find time to read mangas and books and do blogs right after because that’s where your heart lies.

So anyway, since it’s my blog’s anniversary, I decided to write something just for the sake of celebrating. I recently read Sakisaka Io’s Ao Haru Raido and you guess it right. I am here to puke my feelings since, on a side note, I don’t know where else is proper.

Right. Let’s get to business shall we?  Continue reading