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Why women are still terrified

So I did say that this blog is merely a review dump. No personal shit and all that. But I really don’t know where else to put this seeing that most of my SNS is plagued by my officemates and they may take this the wrong way. Also, this sounded coherent in my head but you know me so I apologize for rambling. Here goes.

Yesterday, I was walking to our office. It was just 5-10 minutes away so I go there by foot. It was broad daylight and was in a business district so you could say that I expected a relatively safe travel. That is, not until someone walked behind me and whispered, “Miss, can I get your name?” Continue reading



“To overcome something, people need something new to replace it.” 

So says Kou of one of the most relatable shoujo mangas that I have ever read in my young years.  Continue reading

I’m on a quest

…to finally work out my future and grasp in my hands the destined fate that I just feel in my veins that I have with my one true love.

But may I add as I am in the process of writing this that he is an insurmountable mission that even my mother, who has always believed in me, concedes to the fact that maybe this time it’s just impossible?

What do you actually do when you like a guy and the guy doesn’t return the feelings because he doesn’t even know you exist?

Well, I’m telling you now what to do. Continue reading

Welcome back, me

It has been one month!

Welcome back, self. The lady who has been writing this and that paper without ever getting the pleasure of being fulfilled in the process.

Scratch that.

It’s not like I haven’t been enjoying anything. What is my salary for? But just imagine yourself doing something for the heck of it. For the money and for the deadline. Not for knowledge, for passion or insert whatever other noble reasons you have here. Imagine writing for a client (have I mentioned you my job?) who have piles of blank pages left unfinished for his academic studies. Imagine yourself writing for a student who is so lazy to accomplish his two-paged and double-spaced requirement but is really generous and diligent when it comes to paying other people to get the job done for him.

It’s a win-win situation when I think about it. I need the money; I get the money. They need my words; I give it to them in exchange.

But, yes, I guess I have to quit. By being in that work, I thought I was teaching students to become less responsible. I hate it when my classmates make other people write their papers for them. How hypocritical could I ever be if I would get my bread and butter by doing same thing? Not to mention that, gradually, it became exhausting for me. My grades slowly slipped away and my health slowly deteriorated. I can’t even let it out because I can’t write.



You know what I mean?




So there goes my excuse for my absence for the last month.

I have my free time all in my hands now since my semester is almost over, my OJT starts at 15 and, yes, I have all the right to procrastinate with that last group paper that I have to submit for my English class.

It has been a blur of events. In fact, as I sit right now in front of my laptop, I cannot believe it. I can actually relax. I get to actually take my shower thinking about what to write for the next chapter of my story and wonder what I would be doing right after. Watch Gossip Girl? Finish reading Sophie Kinsella’s books?

Poor ambitious me, though, since I technically ended up writing here. haha I got a lot of things on my mind, but I ended up being overwhelmed by their number. You know me. When I’m stressed, I’m almost always found writing.

So why am I here? Well, you can say I don’t know why either. But perhaps, before I end this post, let me say hi to the world and  leave you this quote as a little reminder.

“There is a reason God limits our days…to make each one precious.”

I would be very much honored to quote Mitch Albom on that. I just recently finished his book The Time Keeper, and I just want to thank him for teaching me this wonderful lesson. For the past few months, I have been so busy counting the hours or minutes left before the “Time’s Up”. It’s not actually a bad thing. I got more organized, and I found myself less likely to miss requirements in school and/or work.

But did I ever get to really enjoy it? Did I make it worth it? Is my passion for writing, my health and academics really worth risking for the knowledge and money that I get to have after being continuously bombarded by work ?







Oh well, that’s why I quit.