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What’s to like and not to like about Fairy Tail


I’ll have to warn you first that I haven’t finished the anime/manga yet so that (1) you’ll spare me from spoilers and (2) you can consider my opinion premature and take no offense. But just to give an overview what to expect once you take this up, let me hand out a list why I like this anime at times and why I often don’t. Continue reading


it’s all about the money money money

yeah! sing it with me!


If I could change the lyrics of price tag, I definitely will after finishing C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control. I really liked it. Not like-like but you get what I mean. I like it enough to write about it instead of vomiting my feelings on Twitter that can never handle my long, incoherent, un-punctuated sentences.

So. The thing that I really like about this anime is its premise:

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