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Why I hate Bokura ga Ita

First, I like to apologize to the mangaka for saying such thing. I know she put a lot of effort drawing it and making such story line. To be fair, I read all 64 chapters of it. I never gave up. Just that…it didn’t work for me.  Continue reading


When there’s a role, there’s a drama

They say life is a drama. You play different roles in different scenes. You play your role in the society. You act based on your script, and forget your lines. Panic in your most unprepared state or do ad-libs when circumstances deem it necessary. You’re behind the curtains most of the time while waiting for your cue to go up on the stage. In those moments, you’re preparing yourself.

What will you project?

What will you say?

You do it because there will always be someone to watch you. An audience to decide if you played the part well.

I am prompted by this lesson from one of my university professors while watching a variety show called We Got Married. It’s a Korean program that’s aimed to let celebrities meet and ‘pseudo-marry.’ Let them realize how it is to live like a real couple and, later on, maybe even teach them lessons about life. Of course, let’s not forget about profit, but, that fact aside, I just want to utter my surprise on how a single show can change my opinion about a person.

I have already watched a lot of couple stories from two seasons, and I have to say that the show has been a great influence to and reference for my judgement. From Kim HyunJoong to Jo Kwon and even to one of the members of my favorite boy group,  Super Junior’s Kangin.

Anyway, the point in fact is that We Got Married is able to capture particular sides of these people that I don’t know about. Sides that I failed to see during their interviews, stage performances, radio programs or talk shows.

Kangin, for instance, has always given me this bully type aura, while Jo Kwon has this superficial image of a gay, annoying and attention-seeking diva. You get the picture.

You can just imagine my astonishment when I found myself a fan of both after watching the mentioned television program. I felt that I was completely wrong. Kangin is cute, charming and a complete gentleman, and Jo Kwon’s traits that I really found irritating before are, I dare say, his biggest charms. And no, I’m not saying that he’s gay.

That aside, you see, shows like these confuse me. I reiterate, some communication theorists have already established the fact that we just might be actors who are always trying to play a role in front of the scrutinizing gazes of our viewers. In fact, we may just be taking and executing them not because that’s what we really are but because we want to please everybody’s eyes. Please do tell me if I understood the theory incorrectly.

Kangin is so much different when he’s with his bandmates, he’s different when he’s with a girl, and I really will never know if he’s different when he’s not in front of a camera.

And I’m not saying that this is limited to individuals who are in the showbiz industry. I personally get these moments, too.

Sometimes, don’t you feel that with all these people you’re interacting with, and with all those adjustments that you’re making in your attitude, it’s getting hard to know who you are essentially? What your personality is? With all these roles that you take, you find it difficult sometimes to figure out whether you’re really strict or lenient, serious or cute, innocent or intelligent? Are there times when you just don’t feel that you are yourself? Because I do experience it a lot. Yes, even with my family.

I feel kind of bad for these celebrities because, more often than not, it’s their company who chooses which image they would show their audience. Sometimes to fit the perception the people already has of them, or, on other occasions, even fit what their names per se signify.

Pretty hard.

Even I, as a normal individual, get perplexed of my own life drama.