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Sutphin Boulevard


You’ll think that after In the Company of Shadows I’ll look for something lighter. And well, I guess I did for a time.

Until I find myself unable to go past chapter two of every book I read without throwing the word ‘shallow’ and asking ‘You call this sexual tension? You call this angst?’

It’s an unfair comparison in the face of genre difference and world building. But the lingering scenes that ICoS left me are still so fresh. I still have nightmares over the hell that Boyd experienced at Aleixo’s. Right then, I know that the best way to keep my reading streak is to open another book from same authors. At this point, I’m done with 1/27 so I turn to their solo projects. Which led me to Sutphin Boulevard. Continue reading


Finding Audrey

This seems like a pretty big leap for me for a Kinsella novel. Usually, her stories revolve around working, middle-aged women. Finding Audrey is told from a teenager’s point of view who is apparently bullied when she’s younger, causing her psychological trauma which then leads to her recluse lifestyle.

If you’re asking whether the shift’s good or bad, well– Continue reading