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Gruvia: On Gray’s Rejection

Much has already been said about this pairing. Some people like them and some don’t. I personally prefer this one over other ships out there because you know me (refer to my previous posts), but a lot has been calling foul that it should sink. In a sense, they’re saying that Gruvia is just about a girl who’s obsessed over a guy who blatantly told her ‘no.’

Don’t say otherwise!

He definitely did.


refer to chapter 338 of the manga

Shippers of this pairing have turned a blind eye over this fact because they thought ‘why not?’ We all know that a couple of chapters after, Mashima-sensei pacifies the storm with moments that tell us romantic relationship is anything but impossible (see: Tartaros Arc).

But I’m going to talk about it here because I think it deserves our attention. The rejection definitely happened and I don’t think that it’s just a way to humor fans or say that, sometimes, there are ‘bumps’ on the road. Continue reading



“To overcome something, people need something new to replace it.” 

So says Kou of one of the most relatable shoujo mangas that I have ever read in my young years.  Continue reading

I’m on a quest

…to finally work out my future and grasp in my hands the destined fate that I just feel in my veins that I have with my one true love.

But may I add as I am in the process of writing this that he is an insurmountable mission that even my mother, who has always believed in me, concedes to the fact that maybe this time it’s just impossible?

What do you actually do when you like a guy and the guy doesn’t return the feelings because he doesn’t even know you exist?

Well, I’m telling you now what to do. Continue reading

Moving forward because it’s 2014!

I personally think that love (the romantic type) is not a very nice topic. One, I’m single. Two, it makes me flinch and uncomfortable. Three, go ahead, say it. You think I’m a sorry envious loser who doesn’t have a boyfriend so I don’t appreciate it.

Alright, internet is a free country.

But regardless of the premise above, I think I’m gonna have to talk about it anyway for my first 2014 post. I know. Totally sappy and overrated. I myself want to vomit by the mere idea. But shut up! I’m going to do this because I can.

And I’m going to talk about it so some people can get over and out of it.

I’m going to talk about love that is yet (and probably never) to be returned. Continue reading