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Fast Connection


I honestly am drowning myself with Santino Hassell. Fast Connection was no exception to his prowess and Megan Erickson’s. This is leaning towards bias because I’m such a fan but you’d understand when you acquiant yourself with their books.

This has been a sequel to Strong Signal, the first installment in the Cyberlove series. While Strong Signal tackled how online can turn you into a recluse (and pull you out with the !power of love yey), Fast Connection taught that virtual and real are two separate worlds that will inevitably collide. Both true and may seem freakish but fortunately led to happy endings.

It’s Fast Connection because your main guy, Dominic (aka SgtCostigan) pretty much clicked with his first Grindr hook-up in his attempt to further explore his bisexuality. The sparks are there. Their attitudes compliment and the sex is great. The only problem is that Silver Fox dude won’t let Dominic in because he’s your average no-strings-attach who’s afraid of commitment in light of previous lover fiasco.  Continue reading



Hold on tight as you’re in for a 1000-page ride!


Really. The last time I’ve read something as long as this one was when I was still jobless and obsessed with Fictionpress. Which means that I have a lot of time. Which also means that I’m willing to grab anything that can mollify my boredom.

Evenfall took a lot of patience. Not because it wasn’t good but because I had to read it alongside work and mental fatigue.

And I’m telling you it wasn’t a walk in the park. The story wasn’t exactly fluffy you know? Set after the eruption of WW3, you can expect a lot of blood and death and gloom. And torture.  Continue reading

Orson Scott Card’s Shadow of Hegemon

Considering how long I’ve been away from this blog, this’ll probably seem like a lazy, downer post. But hey, I’m trying my best here /typing everything right on my tablet because I can’t bring my office laptop at home.

As you probably would’ve guessed, life has been a little busy for yours truly. Well, you probably won’t believe me because ~whispers ~ I was able to finish all 711 episodes of One Piece (yay!) but you’d have to pardon my mixed up priorities.

Of course I won’t be talking about One Piece. I’d have to have my laptop if that were the case. I’ll talk about a book that I’ve been reading for weeks.

Yes. You heard it right.61k3pHsvs7L

I had to read it for weeks. Well partly because I was a little preoccupied with life but also partly because it was a tough book to finish. I’ve been reading the Shadow Series of Orson Scott Card and am finally done with the second book. The first one’s just an iteration of the first book in the Ender Saga, just from Bean’s viewpoint but I’ve taken my friend’s advice and trudged the Shadow route because well, Peter Wiggin is a very curious character for me. Continue reading